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Fig. 6

From: Influences of olive leaf extract in the kidney of diabetic pregnant mice and their offspring

Fig. 6

Photomicrographs from the kidney tissues collected from mice of control and treated groups stained with H&E stain. The kidney of control group (GI) showing kidney cortex with Malpighian corpuscle where the parietal layer of Bowman’s capsule (arrow) and the glomerulus (G) is formed of lobulated tuft of capillaries being separated from the capsule by Bowman’s space (short arrow). Normal proximal (P) and distal tubules (D) are also seen (a) (×10). The renal tissue of diabetic group (GII) (b, c) showing highly shrinked glomeruli (G) with wide renal space and dilatation in the blood vessels with erythrocytic congestion (arrow) (b) (×10). c High magnification (×40) showed renal tubules with necrotic nuclei (arrows). Section of the kidney of (GIII) showing normal architecture (d). e, f GIV showing obvious return to nearly normal renal appearance with nearly normal glomeruli (G) and renal tubules (×10)

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