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Fig. 7

From: Influences of olive leaf extract in the kidney of diabetic pregnant mice and their offspring

Fig. 7

Photomicrographs from the kidney tissues of 18-day-old fetuses in control and treated groups stained with H&E stain. The kidney tissue of control (GI) showing Malpighian corpuscles (G), the proximal (P), and distal convoluted tubules (D) (a) (×40). For the kidney of diabetic group (GII) showing venous congestion (asterisk), shrinkage glomerulus (thick arrow), hydropic degeneration (arrow) (b) (×20) and necrosis of the epithelial cells lining numerous tubules (black and white arrows) (c, d) (×40), in addition of hyaline casts (stars) (c) (×40). The kidney section from GIII revealed somewhat normal tissue characteristics (e) (×40). GIV showing signs of tissue repair (f–h) (×40) but some renal tubules have degenerative cells (white and black arrows) some blood congestion

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