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Table 2 Behavioral ethogram

From: Behavioral, hepato-morphological, and biochemical studies on the possible protective effect of black seed and water bath against change-mediated heat stress on pigeon

Behavior Definition
Ingestive behavior According to Spudeit et al. (Spudeit et al. 2013)
 (a) Feeding Pigeon’s head located inside the feeder.
 (b) Drinking Pigeon’s head in contact with drinker
Comfort behavior According to Spiteri (1975)
 (a) Foot and ground pecking The pigeon pecks at its foot or the ground.
 (b) Wing and leg stretch Stretches its leg or wing upward and downward.
 (c) Preening Gentle pecking or scratching its own feathers.
Aggressive behavior According to Spiteri (1975)
 (a) Wing flick Pigeon fans out its tail, raises the wing backwards
 (b) Wing fend The wing is brought sharply outwards.
 (c) Fluffing Bird fluffed its feather.