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Table 1 Annotated checklist and pest status of Coleoptera of Vadodara, Gujarat, India

From: Unraveling the diversity, phylogeny, and ecological role of cryptic Coleopteran species of Vadodara district: a first comparative approach from India

Family Species Pest status Importance
Scarabaeidae Oxycetonia versicolor Yes Pest of pigeon pea, mung beans, and rose
Phyllophaga sp. Yes Pest of grasses and cereal roots
Onthophagus gazella No Pest predator
Oryctes nasicora Yes Pest of coconut
Xyloryctes jamaicensis Yes Pest of coconut
Aphodius fossor No Decomposers, enricher
Onthophagus sp. No  
Onthophagus taurus No Decomposer, enricher
Copris incertus No Enricher
Cremastocheilus sp. Yes Pest of banana
Heliocopris gigas No  
Onthophagus dama No  
Phyllophaga nebulosa No Pest predator
Ateuchus sp. No  
Gymnopleurus miliaris No  
Canthon viridis No Decomposer and enricher
Garreta sp. No Decomposer and enricher
Cheironitis indicus No  
Catharsius molossus No Decomposer and enricher
Carabidae Calosoma maderae No Pest predator
Pterostichus strenuus No  
Pheropsophus verticalis No  
Pterostichus aethiops No Pest predator
Scaritus quadriceps No Pest predator
Paranchus albipes No  
Anthia sexguttata No Pest predator
Chlaenius bimaculatus No  
Chlaenius sp. No  
Cicindela sp. No Pest predator
Tenebrionidae Tribolium castenium Yes Pest of flour and stored grains
Mesostena sp. No  
Gonocephalum sp. Yes Pest of groundnut
Tenebrio molitor Yes Pest of stored grains
Chrysomelidae Oides bipunctata Yes Pest of grapes and grape vine
Oulema melanopus Yes Pest of oat crop
Aspidomorpha sp. No  
Podagrica fuscicornis Yes Pest of okra leaves
Clytra sp. Yes Pest of soalu leaves, Vateria indica L.
Lilioceris sp. No biological control
Metriona bicolor Yes Pest of sweet potato
Charidotella sp. Yes Pest of Ipomoea, sunflower, and cabbage
Elateridae Athous haemorrhoidalis No Pollinator of Coeloglossum viride
Hemicrepidius sp. Yes Pest of cereals, crops, and grasses
Lanelater fuscipes Yes Pest of cereals and vegetable crops
Buprestidae Acmaeodera sp. No Pollinator of lily
Meloidae Mylabris cichorii No Pollinators and Phytophagus
Phodaga alticeps No  
Mylabris postulata No Pollinators and Phytophagus
Alosimus syriacus Yes Pest of cotton fields
Gyrinidae Gyrinus natator No  
Coccinilidae Cheilomenes sexmaculata No Pest predator
Coccinella transversalis No Pest predator
Harmonia sedecimnotata Yes Pests of eggplant and cauliflower
Cheilomenes sp. No  
Apionidae Apion clavipes Yes Pests of pigeon pea and soya bean
Histeridae Euspilotus nigrita No  
Dytiscidae Eretes sp. No  
Cybister fimbriolatus No  
Cucurlionidae Polydrusus sericeus Yes Pests of oak and hazel
Cleonus sp. Yes Pest of lack plant
Cerambycidae Trachysida sp. No  
Batocera rufomaculata Yes Major pest of fig trees
Macrotoma palmate Yes Pests of fruits, woods, and ornamental plants
Celosterna scabratoea Yes Minor pests of mango, pomegranate, and casuarina
Xystrocera globosa Yes Pest of cocoa
Lampyridae Luciola sp. No