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Table 2 List of species with their families submitted to BOLD v.4 along with their processID and sampleID

From: Unraveling the diversity, phylogeny, and ecological role of cryptic Coleopteran species of Vadodara district: a first comparative approach from India

Sr. no Family Species name processID sampleID
1 Scarabaeidae Gymnopleurus miliaris PBSL002-17 GMA1
2 Carabidae Calosoma maderae PBSL006-17 CMS1
3 Cerambycidae Batocera rufomaculata PBSL001-17 BRC1
4 Chrysomelidae Oides bipunctata PBSL004-17 OBF1
5 Tenebrionidae Mesosterna sp. PBSL003-17 MSE1
6 Lampyridae Luciola sp. PBSL005-17 LSG1
7 Scarabaeidae Orcytes nasicora PBSL008-17 ONcol2
8 Scarabaeidae Xyloryctes jamaicensis PBSL010-17 XJCol4
9 Scarabaeidae Chironitis indicus PBSL012-17 CICol6
10 Carabidae Paranchus abipes PBSL009-17 PACol3
11 Carabidae Pherophosphus verticalis PBSL011-17 PVCol5
12 Gyrinidae Gyrinus natator PBSL007-17 GNCol1