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Table 6 The coefficient of dispersion (CD) of sea cucumber species recorded from the study site

From: Destruction of sea cucumber populations due to overfishing at Abu Ghosoun area, Red Sea

Species July 2000 July 2006 July 2016
Actinopyga echinites 0.87b 0.99b 1
Actinopyga mauritiana 0.91b 2.08a
Actinopyga miliaris 1.76a 1 1
Bohadschia similis 0.98b 1.54a
Bohadschia argus 1.12a 1.21a
Bohadschia vitiensis 0.98b 1.09a 1.01a
Holothuria atra 0.76b 0.91b 0.97a
Holothuria scabra 0.89b 2.11b
Holothuria whitmaei 1.21a 0.84b 2.12a
Holothuria fuscogilva 1.15a 1.23a 1.34a
Stichopus hermanni 0.98b 1.08a 1
Stichopus horrens 0.88b 1
Thelenota ananas 0.99b 1
  1. aclumped
  2. bregular/uniform