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Table 4 DMRT analysis of silkworm Bombyx mori on economical traits

From: Comparative study of nutritional and economical parameters of silkworm (Bombyx mori) treated with silver nanoparticles and Spirulina

Economical traits Control 100 ppm Ag 300 ppm Ag 500 ppm Ag AgNPs + Spirulina Spirulina
Silk gland weight 0.7500A 0.7700B 0.7700B 0.8000C 0.8700D 0.8500E
Cocoon weight 1.3000A 1.3500B 1.4500C 1.7400D 1.8400E 1.7100F
Silk filament weight 0.2200A 0.2400B 0.2600C 0.3000D 0.3200D 0.3000E
Sericin content 0.3200A 0.5100B 0.3300C 0.4700D 0.6200E 0.5700F
Fibroin content 0.6800A 0.5700B 0.7800C 0.8500D 0.9500E 0.8600F
  1. Capital letters represent comparison of row means (different concentration for a particular group)