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Table 4 List of chemical insecticides used by farmers to protect Kersting’s groundnut grains against storage insect pests and their utilization methods

From: Farmers knowledge, perceptions and management of Kersting’s groundnut (Macrotyloma geocarpum Harms) insect pests in Benin

Trade name Active ingredient Chemical family Mode of use Place of purchase
KD plus 415 Lambda-cyhalothrine 15 g/l + Chlorpyriphos-éthyl 400 g/l Organophosphate Put seeds of M. geocarpum in empty pesticide bottles containing pesticide residues Market
Lambda Super 2.5 EC Lambda-cyhalothrine 25 g/l Pyrethroid CARDER
Glyphader 480 Glyphosate 480 g/l Amino-phosphonate CARDER
Sofagrain Aluminum phosphide Organophosphate Put a pill in about 50 kg of stored M. geocarpum seeds CARDER