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Table 1 Chemical composition (g/kg) of cassava peels meal

From: Dietary cassava peel meal, methionine, and multi-enzyme supplementation in rabbits’ nutrition: effect on growth, digestibility, and carcass traits

Parameters Current experiment Literature
Dry matter 921.69
Crude protein 54.79 48.00a
Crude fiber 105.00 210.00a
Ether extract 4.35 130.00a
Ash 52.74 570.00a
Nitrogen-free extract 704.81
Neutral detergent fiber 219.43 196.00a
Acid detergent fiber 136.44 171.00a
Acid detergent lignin 22.16 72.00a
Hydrocyanic acid 0.02 33–1081 mg/kg b
Methionine 0.36 0.30c
Lysine 1.14 1.11c
  1. aINRA., CIRAD., AFZ., FAO (2012), bLukuyu et al. (2014), cOladunjoye et al. (2014)