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Table 3 Probit analysis for the data on adult mortality of Tribolium castaneum treated with silver nanoparticles, malathion and its combination at 95% confidence limit

From: Comparative bioassay of silver nanoparticles and malathion on infestation of red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum

DaysMean %mortalityLC50LC90Chi-square valueP valueSE
AgNP (mg)
First day10152592.25173.360.040.820.19
Third day15304553.94114.111.480.120.17
Fifth day25456036.8492.412.220.130.16
Seventh day30607025.5675.807.110.000.15
Ninth day45657513.7277.012.310.120.15
Malathion (μl)
First day15254061.78125.850.330.560.17
Third day25405542.24105.570.910.030.16
Fifth day45506522.94115.340.080.770.15
Seventh day50607511.8383.600.030.050.15
Ninth day6575954.28750.900.180.140.15
Combination of AgNP and malathion (μl)
First day153025140334.335.420.210.03
Third day40456529.07102.260.290.450.16
Fifth day5565805.4472.840.170.220.15
Seventh day6080856.50057.770.690.050.15
Ninth day70901004.71424.320.230.120.27
  1. Significant P < 0.15; Not significant P > 0.15