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Table 2 Concentration of metals in feed given to experimental animals

From: Toxicological effects of the concurrent administration of cadmium and arsenic through the food chain on the liver and kidney of rats

GroupsMetal concentration (mg/g)Metal concentration (mol/g × 10−7)Mole ratio (cadmium to arsenic) × 10−7
ControlNot detected0.02 ± 0.56aNot detected2.67
Cd-contaminated diet3.68 ± 0.62b0.03 ± 0.07a3274.0081.75:1
As-contaminated diet0.01 ± 0.32a1.82 ± 0.18b0.892431:273.03
Cd + As-contaminated diet3.50 ± 0.14b1.52 ± 0.26b3112021.5:1
  1. Results are expressed as mean ± SD. Values not sharing the same superscript in the same column differ significantly at P < 0.05