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Table 4 Intestinal digestive enzyme activity of C. mrigala fingerlings fed experimental diets

From: Influence of fishmeal-replaced diet on nutrient digestibility, digestive enzyme activity, and whole-body fatty acid profile of Indian major carp, Cirrhinus mrigala

Particulars Control feed Test feed
Protease (micromoles of tyrosine released min−1 mg−1 protein) 43.07 ± 1.62a 42.55 ± 1.07a
Amylase (micromoles of maltose released min−1 mg−1 protein) 15.33 ± 0.61a 15.57 ± 0.46a
Lipase (U/l) 19.80 ± 1.92a 19.46 ± 0.99a
  1. Means of each parameter in the same row with similar superscript are not significantly different