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Table 3 Total phenols in methanol and ethanol extracts of E. crassipes. Amounts are represented in equivalence to other standard antioxidants containing phenolic group (except ascorbic acid)

From: Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) leaves enhances disease resistance in Channa punctata from Vibrio harveyi infection

μg equivalent/mg extract Methanol extract Ethanol extract
Quercetin 18.20 ± 1.22a 26.37 ± 1.01b
Gallic acid 16.75 ± 1.08a 24.06 ± 0.90b
BHT 60.12 ± 1.25a 78.82 ± 2.53b
Ascorbic acid 49.13 ± 1.06a 54.65 ± 1.52b
  1. Values are represented as mean ± SEM. p values less than 0.05 are considered statistically significant. Values having different superscripts “a” and “b” in the same row are statistically different