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Table 4 Indicator species analysis for all combinations of site categories

From: Endemism-based butterfly conservation: insights from a study in Southern Western Ghats, India

Site categories—Wildlife Sanctuaries/Forest Divisions (WLS/FD) Species IndVal.g P value Endemicity
Chinmony WLS Cirrochroa thais 0.749 0.003** WG and SL
Papilio paris tamilana 0.660 0.009** WG SS
Mycalesis igilia 0.577 0.033* WG
Papilio buddha 0.563 0.030* WG
Mycalesis anaxias anaxias 0.537 0.032* WG SS
Appias indra shiva 0.527 0.024* WG SS
Rohana parisatis atacinus 0.502 0.035* WG SS
Pareronia ceylanica 0.468 0.049* WG and SL
Chinmony WLS+Nenmara D Hebomoia glaucippe australis 0.581 0.018* WG SS
Papilio liomedon 0.475 0.043* WG
Chinmony WLS+Peechi Vazhani WLS Papilio helenus daksha 0.601 0.008** WG SS
Parthenos sylvia virens 0.600 0.005** WG SS
Appias lyncida latifasciata 0.492 0.014* WG SS
Chalakudy D+Chinmony WLS+Peechi Vazhani WLS Troides minos 0.647 0.028* WG
Chinmony WLS+Peechi Vazhani WLS+Vazhachal D Papilio dravidarum 0.497 0.028* WG
Nenmara D+Parambikulam WLS/TR+Vazhachal D Mycalesis patnia 0.598 0.005** WG and SL
Chalakudy D+Nenmara D+Peechi Vazhani WLS+Thrissur D Pachliopta hector 0.590 0.025* WG and SL
  1. Endemicity: WG-endemic to Western Ghats; WG & SL-endemic to Western Ghats and Sri Lanka; WG SS-endemic to Western Ghats at sub species level
  2. Asterisks indicate p value: *p≤0.05; **p≤0.001