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Table 3 Oxidant/antioxidant status

From: The hepatoprotective effect of gooseberry and black mulberry extracts against carbon tetrachloride-induced liver injury in rats

Groups GSH (mmol/g tissue) GPx (U/g tissue) MDA (nmol/g tissue) NO (μmol/g tissue)
Control 50.86±2.35a 119.30 ± 0.66a 49.90±0.40a 3.68±0.09a
CCl4 21.80± 0.35b 69.30 ± 0.47b 96.45±2.87b 7.40±0.11b
GW 56.35±1.49c 122.86 ± 1.11a, c 45.16±0.80c 2.53±0.67c
GE 62.27 ± 1.41d 124.58 ± 1.79c, d 40.39±0.21d 2.23±0.07c
MW 57.80 ± 1.32c 122.13 ± 1.94a, d 43.75±0.84c, d 2.77±0.18c
ME 56.43 ± 1.42c 123.54 ± 1.15a, d 43.51±1.23c, d 2.70±0.04c
CCl4+GW 40.66 ± 0.42e 98.66±1.18e 63.53±0.44e 4.47±0.23d
CCl4+GE 35.26±1.13f 98.61±3.18e 55.67±2.75f 4.10±0.09a, d
CCl4+MW 34.02±1.18f 87.92±0.77f 74.82±0.96g 5.40±0.48e
CCl4+ME 36.63±1.51f 96.21±2.99e 68.58±1.07h 4.35±0.30d
  1. Values are expressed as means ± SE, n= 6, There was no significant difference between means have the same letter in the same column (P≤0.05)