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Table 3 Effect of soil application of botanicals on mortality and adult emergence of B. dorsalis

From: Insecticidal activity of crude extracts of three spices and commercial botanical pesticide on oriental fruit fly under laboratory conditions

Treatment Mortality (%) Adult emergence (%)
P. guineense 83.3 ab 16.7 cd
A. melegueta 73.3 bc 26.7 bc
Z. officinale 56.7 c 43.3 b
6% azadirachtin (Azasol) 96.7 a 3.3 3d
Cypermethrin 100.0 a 0.0 d
Control 20.0 d 80.0 a
  1. Mean values with the same letter within the column do not differ statistically (p < 0.05) by Tukey’s honestly significant difference (HSD)