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Table 1 Environmental variables used for the study

From: Potential distribution of the primary malaria vector Anopheles gambiae Giles [Diptera: Culicidae] in Southwest Nigeria under current and future climatic conditions

Variable Interpretation
Bio 1 Annual Mean Temperature
Bio 2 Mean Diurnal Range (Mean of monthly (max temp—min temp))
Bio 3 Isothermality (BIO2/BIO7) (* 100)
Bio 4 Temperature Seasonality (standard deviation *100)
Bio 5 Max Temperature of Warmest Month
Bio 6 Min Temperature of Coldest Month
Bio 7 Temperature Annual Range (BIO5-BIO6)
Bio 8 Mean Temperature of Wettest Quarter
Bio 9 Mean Temperature of Driest Quarter
Bio 10 Mean Temperature of Warmest Quarter
Bio 11 Mean Temperature of Coldest Quarter
Bio 12 Annual Precipitation
Bio 13 Precipitation of Wettest Month
Bio 14 Precipitation of Driest Month
Bio 15 Precipitation Seasonality (Coefficient of Variation)
Bio 16 Precipitation of Wettest Quarter
Bio 17 Precipitation of Driest Quarter
Bio 18 Precipitation of Warmest Quarter
Bio 19 Precipitation of Coldest Quarter