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Table 3 DMRT analysis of silkworm Bombyx mori on growth rate

From: Comparative study of nutritional and economical parameters of silkworm (Bombyx mori) treated with silver nanoparticles and Spirulina

Control (T1) 100 ppm Ag (T2) 300 ppm Ag (T3) 500 ppm Ag (T4) AgNPs + Spirulina (T5) Spirulina (T6)
 4.1940A 4.5280B 4.7760C 5.0840C 5.4075C 5.0350C
 1.4280A 1.880A 1.5500A 2.0580B 2.2720C 2.2660C
  1. Capital letters represent comparison of row means. Mean values are taken for the various days of similar concentration. The highest significance is observed in the group which was AgNPs and Spirulina treated