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Table 1 The experimental design of the experimental

From: Possible ameliorative effect of nano-chocolate fortified with zinc on the hepatic and testicular toxicity induced by cadmium on male Swiss albino mice: histopathological and histomorphometrical studies

Group Control Experimental groups
Cadmium alone Nano-Chocolate fortified with zinc nanoparticle Cadmium-Nano-chocolate fortified with zinc nanoparticle
1 2 (cadmium-treated group) 3 (choco-treated group) 4 (cadmium-choco-treated group)
Sample size 10 mice 10 mice 10 mice 10 mice
Distilled water 1/5 ml, once    
Cadmium   1.5 mg/kg   1.5 mg/kg
Nano-Chocolate fortified with zinc    200 mg/kg 200 mg/kg
Route   i.p. Oral i.p. for cadmium; oral for chocolate
Frequency Single Single Single Single
Sampling time 1 day 1 day 1 day 1 day
  1. i.p intraperitoneally