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Table 2 Antioxidant potential and total flavonoids in methanol and ethanol extracts of E. crassipes leaf powder through DPPH and FRAP assays

From: Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) leaves enhances disease resistance in Channa punctata from Vibrio harveyi infection

  DPPH assay (% scavenging activity) FRAP assay (mM Fe2+/mg extract) Total flavanoids (μg QEs/mg extract)
Methanol extract 48.15 ± 1.02b 231.89 ± 2.95b 30.46 ± 1.71a
Ethanol extract 30.89 ± 1.21a 192.24 ± 0.83a 36.54 ± 0.76b
Ascorbic acid 92.66 ± 1.02 1428.28 ± 146.20 --
Gallic acid 85.80 ± 3.76 2907.48 ± 299.71 --
  1. Values are represented as mean ± SEM. Antioxidant potential of methanol and ethanol extracts were compared by calculating p values using t test, and p values less than 0.05 were considered significant. Dissimilar superscripts “a” and “b” in each assay represent that they are statistically different. Ascorbic acid and gallic acids were used as positive controls for DPPH and FRAP assays, respectively