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Table 2 Biomarkers of liver lesions

From: The hepatoprotective effect of gooseberry and black mulberry extracts against carbon tetrachloride-induced liver injury in rats

Groups ALT (U/l) AST (U/l) ALP (U/l) AFP (ng/ml) Hydroxy proline (mg/g tissue)
Control 38.41±2.25a, c 103.20 ± 2.03a 119.08±0.60a 0.566±0.01a 28.02±0.54a
CCl4 224.56± 2.59b 333.34 ± 2.11b 201.83±2.08b 4.350±0.40b 59.33±0.94b
GW 37.04±0.90a, c 104.25 ± 0.44a 117.39±0.70a, c 0.582±0.02a 22.66±0.28c, d
GE 39.71 ±0.84c 106.70 ± 2.37a 117.48±1.11a, c 0.661±0.04a 21.48±0.33d
MW 34.71 ± 0.36a 105.83 ± 1.42a 118.33±0.57a, c 0.653±0.03a 23.98±1.23c
ME 35.59 ± 0.14a, c 104.58 ± 1.40a 115.20±1.66c 0.650±0.01a 22.40±0.93c, d
CCl4+GW 66.38 ± 1.64d 128.75±2.13d 139.01±0.46d 1.75±0.06c 37.01±0.60e
CCl4+GE 88.16±1.30e 134.66±1.56e 142.00±0.78d 1.65±0.04c 33.13±1.46f
CCl4+MW 89.02±2.10e 134.98±1.81e 138.78±0.25d 1.95±0.05d 37.04±0.57e
CCl4+ME 64.62±1.69d 120.60±0.68f 138.10±1.70d 2.01±0.04d 37.11±1.04e
  1. Values are expressed as means ± SE, n= 6. There was no significant difference between means have the same letter in the same column (P≤0.05)