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Table 1 Growth performance and feed utilization indices

From: Assessment of the growth performance and haematological indices of Clarias gariepinus fingerlings exposed to soap effluent

Parameter Formula References
1. Mean weight gain (MWG) (g) Wf-Wi Pitcher and Hart (1982)
2. Relative growth rate (RGR) (g/fish/day) MWG × 100/Wi Davies and Ezenwa (2010)
3. Daily weight gain (DWG) (g) MWG/D Pitcher and Hart (1982)
4. Total feed intake (TFI) (g) TWF/Nc Abdel-Hakim et al. (2008)
5. Daily feed intake (DFI) (g) TFI/D Abdel-Hakim et al. (2008)
6. Specific growth rate (SGR) (%/d) Log Wf—Log Wi × 100/D Brown (1957)
7. Food conversion ratio (FCR) TFI/MWG Burel et al. (2000)
8. Protein intake (PI) (g) Diet protein content x DFI Sveier et al. (2000)
9. Protein efficiency ratio (PER) MWG/PI Wilson (1989)
10. Survival (%) Nf × 100/Ni Deyab et al. (2009)
  1. Wf, final weight of the fish; Wi, initial weight of the fish; D, rearing period; Nf, final number of fish at the end of the experiment; Ni, initial number of fish at the beginning of the experiment; TWF, total weight of feed fed; Nc, number of fish currently exposed; MWG, mean weight gain; TFI, total feed intake; DFI, daily feed intake